Dave Yundt, Member-At-Large

Hello, I’m David Yundt and I’m proud to serve as your board member representative.  I teach in the Math Sciences Department and have been serving our AHC students since 1990.  If you have an questions how the PFA can assist you or what’s happening in the Math Sciences Department, please contact me at 805-734-5071 or dyundt@hancockcollege.edu.

Monique Segura, Member-At-Large

My name is Monique L. Segura and I have been a part time instructor for the Dance Department at Allan Hancock College for the past twenty-one years.  I have recently become active in the Association as a representative to the Academic Senate and Human Resources Council.  I currently serve on the Part Time Faculty Association Executive Board as a member at large.  As well as teaching Kindergarten at Alice Shaw Elementary School in the Orcutt Union School District, I currently serve as the President of the Orcutt Educators Association.

Fred Manzo, Member-At-Large

Fred Manzo has taught nearly a dozen different English courses offered at Hancock since the summer of 1982.  He earned a Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara in English literature – – with specialties in 18th Century prose, contemporary fiction, and rhetorical composition.  He’s published fiction in various literary journals including Sequoia, the Stanford Literary Magazine.  He served as the Principal of Cabrillo High School and Lompoc Valley Middle School before retiring to a summer life on Galiano Island, British Columbia, where he and his wife enjoy hiking the rocky seascapes and lush forests.  He teaches during the Spring term at Hancock and has been elected to serve on the Executive Board of the Part-time Faculty Association.  He is honored to represent the local PFA members who are dedicated to helping Hancock students learn and grow.

Domenica Devine, Member-At-Large

An important part of being an educator is working to maintain the health of the
institution. As such, I am proud to be a working member of the Part Time
Faculty Association. We, the part-time faculty, teach the majority of classes
and need to be treated as an integral part of this noble endeavor. My skill set is
unique. As a scientist, I am a researcher: organized, clear, and exacting. As a
former circus performer, I can juggle ideas and the letters of acronyms as well
as walk the tightrope between educators and administrations. A former
stage/road manager, I recognize how important it is to balance personalities,
and work towards consensus and compromise. Above all, I am a proud

Martin Faries, Secretary-Treasurer

Jim Houis, Vice President

Daniel Clardy, Member-At-Large

George Torbert, Member-At-Large