With the spring semester coming to an end, it is important to remember that as a community college part-time academic employee, you are eligible to receive unemployment compensation if you have no other work during an intersession (including summer). You can apply online at www.edd.ca.gov. You are eligible even if you have been told you have a class or assignment in the fall. If you encounter any problem with EDD, tell whomever you are dealing with to consult the Cervisi decision, in which a judge ruled that because of all the variables involved, such as being bumped by a full timer or class being cancelled due to lack of funding, we do not have “reasonable assurance” of work when classes resume. For further information about when to file, how to file, and appeals the PFA has prepared a guide Focus On: Unemployment Information. Note: the contact information for the EDD office in San Luis Obispo County is now:

Business and Career One Stop Center
880 Industrial Way

You have a right to unemployment compensation, so be sure to apply if you are eligible.

Mark James Miller, President, Part-Time Faculty Association of Allan Hancock College, CFT Local 6185, Santa Maria, CA